Episode 13: Athletico Virus

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On today’s show:

  • Jamie has been struck down by a nasty athletico virus and will be here in automated form
  • Emily Evans joins us to discuss the sub 2 hour marathon
  • The crew discuss some diamond league highlights
  • and Gabby draws the trackcastic #fantasygotzisluckydip teams, live on the show.

Gladiators, READY?

Plis enjoy,

Athleticos x

Episode 12: The Arse Incident (Crazy Things Are Happening)

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On episode 12:

We discuss some of the crazy things that have been happening in the world of track and field, including:

‘The Arse Incident’

Attempts to shake up our sport:

and the return of Fantasy Gotzis Lucky Dip! Woop

We are also joined on the show by two new athleticos, the globe trotting @JR_athletics and ‘King of the throws’, @PaulGre72698446


Athleticos x