Episode 45: In Bed With Óscar Husillos (Toruń Review)

Ah wasn’t it amazing? Four wonderful days of European Indoor Athletics. Toruń 2021 was everything we wanted it to be and more!

With Jamie away negotiating prices for green lycra, the rest of the TrackCastic crew are here to guide you through every medal won in Toruń. We gave you a comprehensive preview, so it was only fair to do the same for the review!

So snuggle up next to Óscar and his shiny gold medal, and listen to…

  • Dave’s plasticine revelation
  • The correct way to say Iapichino and Ehammer
  • Gabby’s gossip from the virtual mixed zone
  • THAT Women’s 1500m final (lol)
  • And discover why half of Chris’s face is itching

Even though this is a Track and Field podcast, for this episode, it’s a Field and Track pod. The first half is field events, the second half all the track. Split it in half if you need to!

Now, let’s take that hotel bed selfie…

TrackCastic Crew

Episode 44: Home Alone 2 – Lost In Toruń

What’s this? We actually have an Athletics champs this week?! That’s right! The 2021 European Indoor Athletics Championships start tomorrow on Torun, Poland.

And the kids are home alone again as Gabby and Jamie are away, so it’s been left to Ceri, Carol, Chris and Dave to preview the upcoming champs! (Although Gabby did pop in for a lowdown on all things Combined Events!)

So sit back, relax and listen to…

  • News Roundup – Coaching/Doping/Retirement gossip
  • Dissecting the 5x World Records we’ve seen so far in 2021!
  • A review of the World Indoor Tour
  • The most comprehensive preview of the European Indoors you’ll find! (All events covered!)
  • Plus, Gabby’s in-depth analysis of who to look out for in the Pentathlon & Heptathlon this weekend

Happy EIC Eve!

TrackCastic Crew