Episode 38: Mystic Mary on Athletico Christmas Eve

Episode 37: Ivana Perkovic, the Child of Prague & other Miscellany

Episode 36:An Athlete’s Story

Episode 35: Wheel of Athletics Fortune

Episode 34: The Man Who Didn’t Fade (Glasgow European Indoors Champs review)

Episode 33: Glasgow Preview

Episode 32: The times (& coaches & positions) they are a changin’

Episode 31: The Trackcastic Panto and End of Year Awards

Episode 30: Athletico Agony Aunt and the Case of the Two World Records (featuring Dr Dan)

Episode 29: Mondo Madness (ECh Review feat. a gaggle of Athleticos)

Episode 28: Home Alone (ECh Preview)

Episode 27: Overdosed on Athletics

Episode 26: Fans in the Stands (with two beers in hand) 

Episode 25: American Athletico 

Episode 24: Mara, Darragh, Farrah

Episode 23: Commonwealth Face-Off

Episode 22: Don’t Give Up (Birmingham WiCH)

Episode 21: They think it’s all CLOVA….

Episode 20: A Christmas Carol

Episode 19: Lovers of the Russian Queen (Maria Lasitskene)

Episode 18: Return of Athletico Agony Aunt

Episode 17: Hashtag Represent (London 2017 Review)

Episode 16: Matt Elias (London 2017 Bumper Episode)

Episode 15: James’ Grand Plans for Athletics

Episode 14: David’s (bringing sexy) Back

Episode 13: Athletico Virus (and Fantasy Gotzis Lucky Dip Live Draw)

Episode 12: The Arse Incident (Crazy Things Are Happening)

Episode 11: Queen of Serbia

Episode 10: Dry Stadium

Episode 9: We Are Eaton

Episode 8: Trackcastic End of Year Award Show

Episode 7: Jessica Ennis, Goodnight

Episode 6: Athletico Agony Aunt

Episode 5: Chris Lambert (3/9/2016)

Episode 4: Olympic Hangover

Episode 3: Rio so far

Episode 2: Queen of the Multis

Episode 1: Athletico Christmas Eve