Episode 50: Get Kambundjified as TrackCastic turns 50! (Belgrade WIC Review)

Can you believe we how great we look at 50?!

Yep, TrackCastic celebrates 50 episodes with a review of all the goings on from the World Indoor Championships.

In this episode…

Gabby gives us all the Multis goss from Belgrade…

Ceri reminisces about her favourite “kerfuffle”…

Jamie elevates a few athletes to “WHAT A WOMAN” status…

Carol doesn’t hold back about the Pentathlon 800m…

Chris tells all about sitting next to Gianmarco Tamberi for 2 hours…

And Dave pops in with his favourite moments from the past 49 TrackCastic episodes!

So once you’ve recovered from drawing the name “KING” out of a bag, relax and enjoy TrackCastic turning 50!

TrackCastic crew xxx

Episode 49: We Don’t Talk About Bruno…Hortelano (Belgrade WIC Preview)

It’s Athletico Christmas Eve again!

The World Indoor Championships are back for the first time since that snowy 2018 in Birmingham.

Belgrade will hopefully deliver an epic weekend of Athletics, with 12 Tokyo Olympic champions in action.

The TrackCastic team for this preview pod is almost as small as the French team heading out to Serbia! But we’ve still got you covered, previewing all the events for these World Indoors.

Enjoy watching it all!

TrackCastic crew xxx

Episode 48: Driving Warholm For Christmas (2021 Review)

O Come All Ye Faith-ful Kipyegon’s – it’s the TrackCastic Christmas Special!

And on the 5th Day of Christmas, my true love (Berlino) gave to me – FIVE DEFINING MOMENTS!

Yes, we couldn’t afford 5 gold rings, so we’ve nabbed the idea from @ChrisBrownSport’s podcast ‘My Defining Moments’ to review the 2021 season.

Each of us chose a defining moment from the sprints, jumps, throws & distances, plus a wildcard moment.

Find out who made Carol cry the most, what made Ceri react like an Edvard Munch painting and hear Russia’s 2022 Eurovision entry!

So once you’ve Decked The Halls with boughs of Holly Bradshaw, grab yourself a mulled wine and listen to 100 minutes of 2021’s best bits.

Merry Christmas!

TrackCastic crew xxx

PS – Christmas (Renata Plis Come Home – we’ve missed you!)

Episode 47: Athletico Christmas Eve (Tokyo Olympic Preview)

Happy Athletico Christmas Eve!! Happy 5th Birthday to us!!

It’s a double celebration in this bumper special episode of TrackCastic and the whole gang are here to share the excitement.

5 years ago TrackCastic was born! We began with a preview to the Rio 2016 Olympic Athletics, so it’s only right we celebrate our birthday by doing the same!

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are finally here! It’s a year late, but it’s actually happening!

We have a new format to preview every event on the schedule. So, sit back, relax and enjoy listening to all the wildly inaccurate predictions!

TrackCastic Crew

PS – Sorry it’s so long.

Episode 46: An Offal Situation (GB Trials Preview)

We’re back!

It’s the kids in charge again, with Gabby enjoying life as a commentator & Jamie otherwise engaged (in the pub).

The rest of the TrackCastic crew are here to discuss all the action from the outdoor season so far, the off-track gossip & to preview the GB Olympic trials!

Dave has been all across the distance drama.
Carol has kept her eye on the rising GB stars.
Chris has been preparing for a trip to the Trials.
And as always, Ceri has the gossip on pretty much everything else!

So settle in for a long one – Sifan Hassan’s 10,000m World Record only just lasted longer than this episode!


TrackCastic Crew