Overdosed On Athletics

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We recorded episode 27 a little after the British Champs – so this episode is very much in the vein of that famous athletico hashtag #DelayedAthletics

On the show today

  • Gabby discusses some of the backstage goings on from Gotzis
  • We dissect what was PROBABLY the best British Championships ever
  • Discuss some of the shade and shambles that accompanied the great results
  • Before moving on to the Paris DL.

Come with us for some #delayedathleticoathletics


Episode 26: Fans in the Stands (with two beers in hand)

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  • This episode of Trackcastic gets you up to speed on results from Gotzis, The Diamond League and the NCAA championships.
  • We also discuss some exciting comebacks!
  • Bring you live soundbites from Highgate Night of the 10k PBs

  • Plus “Are you even an Athletico?” becomes the new, “would you rather?”

Episode 25: American Athletico

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On the show today

  • We chat Sydney McLaughlin, Steve Prefontaine and the Maria Mutola Prize presented at the end of every #EugeneDL (it’s a real thing) with our favourite American Athletico, Ray Minchew
  • Gabby draws the #fantasyGotzisLuckyDip teams for the Trackcastic crew

  • And we discuss some of the results (yay!) and retirements (boo!) from recent weeks.

Shout out to Ray’s Mom!



Episode 24: Mara, Darragh, Farrah, Para

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Summer is nearly upon us which means – the athletics season officially gets underway. ATHLETICOS, REJOICE!

On today’s show:

  • We discuss our highlights from the Commonwealth Games and Chris makes his long overdue apology for putting the mockers on the English team
  • We discuss the Boston/London Marathons and, more importantly, how to pronounce Mara Yamuchi’s name (Easter egg, after the show ends)
  • We look ahead to the first diamond league and some of the seasons possible stars
  • PLUS Gabby gives you a brief update on the FANTASY GOTZIS LUCKY DIP

Athleticos x


Episode 23: Commonwealth Face OFF

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The Commonwealth Games track and field program begins today. On the show today, our crew represents  Northern Ireland (Carol), Scotland (Gabby), Wales (Ceri), England (Chris) and everyone else (Jamie) to put forward their case for the best Commonwealth Country in Track and Field?

In addition, we put forward some new anthem, hashtag and mascot ideas.

Who will come out on top? You decide!!

Athleticos x

P.S Some of our all time fave highlights:

Scotland (Yvonne Murray beats Elana Meyer in 1994)

N. Ireland (Mary Peters CWG Memories)

Wales (Matt Elias anchors Wales to an exceptional silver in 2002)

England (Denise Lewis 1994)

Other: Australia (Cathy Freeman, 1994)