Episode 18: Return of the Athletico Agony Aunt

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Rejoice. Our resident Agony Aunt, Dr. Dan O’Connor RETURNS. If ‘Agony Aunt’ was an athletic event, Dan would surely be Clova Court’s high jump. YOU ARE WELCOME.

On the show today:

  • We discuss some of the meets that wrapped up this wonderful season
  • We try (and obviously fail) to understand the Diamond League scoring system
  • Dan delves into his bulging post bag
  • And we step into our athletico time machine to predict what strange things we might see in a decade, at the L.A 2028 Olympic Games.

Also, here’s Mary Keitany at the Great North Run. Legend.

Episode 17 Hashtag Represent (London 2017 Review)

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Athleticos reunite, for a MARATHON review of London 2017

Complete with:

A review of all the results and drama in women’s field, men’s field, men’s track & Women’s track
We have some snippets from the stadium featuring the FABULOUS athleticos @BeverleyWatkins, @JadeElise37, @JamesHDodsworth & the man with the AMAZING memory, @andyjgt

Renata Plis reminisce with us –

Athleticos x