Episode 6: Athletico Agony Aunt

Dr. Dan O’Connor joins us and hilarity ensues

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On episode 6, there are lots of belly laughs as we welcome a new Athletico, Dr. Dan O’Connor

  • We discuss the final two diamond leagues, Brussels and Zurich
  • We celebrate the belated gold medal awarded to Queen Borlee and Hipster Borlee

  • We discuss athlete retirements and ponder what some of today’s stars could do after they hang up their spikes
  • This includes the backstory of Ruth Beitia’s ‘wiggly fingers’

  • Dr Dan becomes agony aunt to the stars
  • & Chris Brown gives us the highlights of the Paralympics thus far

Athleticos x

Episode 5: Chris Lambert

Interview with Olympian Chris Lambert

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We are so excited for today’s show:

  • It features an interview with bend running supremo and 2004 Olympian, Chris Lambert
  • Chris takes us through the highs and lows of his career
  • Provides some great insights into the life of a collegiate/professional athlete
  • Details his Olympic experience
  • And gives some hilarious anecdotes on Mo, Bolt and Kenteris.
  • He also tells us why Frankie Fredericks will always be a legend!

  • @ 45 minutes in, we are joined by the Athleticos to discuss:

  • Ruthie J and Anita’s World Records!!!
  • As well as the very important issue of French fashion and fashion accessories.

This episode is almost as amazing as the fact that Jenny Meadows is now queen of pace making and the new Bram Som- #thingsthatneedpocketrocket

Athleticos x