Episode 51: A Christmas Advent-ure (2022 Review)

What. A. Year. It was raining so much Athletics in 2022 that we had to take shelter, but we’re back for our 7th Christmas TrackCastic special!

Our festive theme to review the 2022 season involves our very own Advent Calendar!

6 Athleticos x 4 2022 Moments each = 24 doors to open.

Behind each door will be either a…
Christmas Cracker = funny moment of the year
Elf = Elffin’ Hell! Jaw-dropping shock of the year
Reindeer = Rein-deary Me! Disappointment of the year
Present = the gift Athletics gave in 2022 (Highlight of the Year)

So, grab 24 chocolates, some mulled wine and put the fire on, whilst listening to the Athletico Advent Calendar Review of 2022!

Merry Christmas!

TrackCastic crew xxx