A Christmas Carol: Brought to you by Trackcastic

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London was the scene for the magnificent 2017 World Champs, so it is only fitting that it also provide the backdrop for Trackcastic’s Christmas Special: an athletico version of “A Christmas Carol”. Cry “What the Fezziwig?!” as the ghosts of Rosa Mota, Concertina Dita and Said Aouita take you on a tour of the highlights of 2017, and enjoy Scrooge’s distribution of the 2017 Trackcastic Awards.

We hope our listeners have a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

Plis accept our best wishes

Athleticos x

Episode 19: Lovers of the Russian Queen (Maria Lasitskene)

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Episode 19 begins with an ode to everyone’s favourite Russian, the sass-tastic, Mariya Lasitskene.

  • We choose our own ‘neutral anthems’
  • We discuss our many feelings in relation to British funding

  • Ceri gets you up to date on all of the coaching changes
  • And we ask for help planning our Christmas special

Plis enjoy,


Episode 18: Return of the Athletico Agony Aunt

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Rejoice. Our resident Agony Aunt, Dr. Dan O’Connor RETURNS. If ‘Agony Aunt’ was an athletic event, Dan would surely be Clova Court’s high jump. YOU ARE WELCOME.

On the show today:

  • We discuss some of the meets that wrapped up this wonderful season
  • We try (and obviously fail) to understand the Diamond League scoring system
  • Dan delves into his bulging post bag
  • And we step into our athletico time machine to predict what strange things we might see in a decade, at the L.A 2028 Olympic Games.

Also, here’s Mary Keitany at the Great North Run. Legend.

Episode 17 Hashtag Represent (London 2017 Review)

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Athleticos reunite, for a MARATHON review of London 2017

Complete with:

A review of all the results and drama in women’s field, men’s field, men’s track & Women’s track
We have some snippets from the stadium featuring the FABULOUS athleticos @BeverleyWatkins, @JadeElise37, @JamesHDodsworth & the man with the AMAZING memory, @andyjgt

Renata Plis reminisce with us –

Athleticos x

Episode 16: Matt Elias (London 2017 Bumper Show)

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This week’s Trackcastic is a bumper show, to accompany you on your commute to the LONDON 2017 World Championships!

Part one features an interview with Welsh hurdling and relay sensation, Matt Elias (00:02.05 to 00:54.44)

We had an absolute blast chatting to Matt about

  • His first CWG’s experience in 1998
  • That amazing run in Manchester 2002
  • The important role his experiences as a Junior athlete played on his development
  • His challenging Olympic experience
  • & his new role as a coach

Part 2 begins at 00:55

  • We discuss results from the European Junior and u23 championships
  • Open our Athletico post bag
  • Give you our predictions for the World Championships coming up in London


  • We’ll draw the Trackcastic teams for #FantasyLondonLuckyDip;

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If you are attending the world championships or live in London:


Don’t forget to add yourself to Chris’ Athletico spreadsheet!

Enjoy the champs, hope to see you in London

Athleticos x