Episode 28: Home Alone (ECH Preview)

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On today’s show – Jamie and Gabby are off on holidays so the kids are home alone.

Join us for a preview of the European Championships and the usual nonsense predictions.

Also, it’s our 2nd Birthday! Cake for everyone – courtesy of @StatmanJon

We hope everyone enjoys the upcoming champs and look forward to seeing some of you in Berlin.

Athleticos x

Episode 27: Overdosed On Athletics

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We recorded episode 27 a little after the British Champs – so this episode is very much in the vein of that famous athletico hashtag #DelayedAthletics

On the show today

  • Gabby discusses some of the backstage goings on from Gotzis
  • We dissect what was PROBABLY the best British Championships ever
  • Discuss some of the shade and shambles that accompanied the great results
  • Before moving on to the Paris DL.

Come with us for some #delayedathleticoathletics


Episode 26: Fans in the Stands (with two beers in hand)

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  • This episode of Trackcastic gets you up to speed on results from Gotzis, The Diamond League and the NCAA championships.
  • We also discuss some exciting comebacks!
  • Bring you live soundbites from Highgate Night of the 10k PBs

  • Plus “Are you even an Athletico?” becomes the new, “would you rather?”

Episode 25: American Athletico

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On the show today

  • We chat Sydney McLaughlin, Steve Prefontaine and the Maria Mutola Prize presented at the end of every #EugeneDL (it’s a real thing) with our favourite American Athletico, Ray Minchew
  • Gabby draws the #fantasyGotzisLuckyDip teams for the Trackcastic crew

  • And we discuss some of the results (yay!) and retirements (boo!) from recent weeks.

Shout out to Ray’s Mom!



Episode 24: Mara, Darragh, Farrah, Para

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Summer is nearly upon us which means – the athletics season officially gets underway. ATHLETICOS, REJOICE!

On today’s show:

  • We discuss our highlights from the Commonwealth Games and Chris makes his long overdue apology for putting the mockers on the English team
  • We discuss the Boston/London Marathons and, more importantly, how to pronounce Mara Yamuchi’s name (Easter egg, after the show ends)
  • We look ahead to the first diamond league and some of the seasons possible stars
  • PLUS Gabby gives you a brief update on the FANTASY GOTZIS LUCKY DIP

Athleticos x