Episode 40: Power to the Athletes

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In this short episode before our Christmas special, we discuss #WeAreTheSport and what this could mean for the future of athletics

Plus, we take our hats off to the wonderful #MaryCain and the hugely important issues that she has bravely brought to light.

There’s also the small matter of Athlete of the year – marathon or 400m hurdles, 400m hurdles or marathon?! Well, we know now!

Athleticos x

Episode 39: The Holy Shot Shit Hot Hot Shot Shot Show

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What a Championships – what could top that?

Eliud Kipchoge: Hold my Maurten.

Like Bernard Lagat and the Ingebrigtsens, the Trackcastic crew demonstrate their flawless pacemaking skills to guide you through the rollercoaster that was the World Championships in Doha. David covers the distance with a bonus “spurious link” rant; Chris embraces his alter ego as Scunthorpe’s answer to Eminem and summarises the throws – especially that shot – through the medium of rap; Andre DeGrasse does a double act with Carol to tell us about his comeback and what a great guy Lovely Adam is; Ceri delights us with the jumps as we ponder whether Renaud might say au revoir in Paris 2020; and live (ish) from the Doha mixed zone Gabby brings us interviews with the new World champion Niklas Kaul, the 2019 world leader Damian Warner and… *drum roll*.. expressing himself 100% for Trackcastic, the world record holder Kevin Mayer.  US heptathlete Chari Hawkins shares with us how excited she is to be there. As ever, Jamie keeps the gang in order and champions the achievements of miscellaneous Balkan states.  We hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it! Plis leave us a review and 5 stars on iTunes to help others discover Trackcastic.

Episode 37: Ivana Perkovic, the Child of Prague & other Miscellany

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Put your feet up, grab your popcorn, because it’s the nearly-end of season gossip edition of Trackcastic! We’ve got missed tests, Twitter spats, records, cold remedies, rambunctious middle distance races and the least surprising cancelled comeback of the year.  As we wind ourselves up to a frenzy for the World Championships, Luxembourg’s 11th favourite podcasters dissect the British trials and the British Diamond Leagues.

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Episode 36: An Athlete’s Story

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Trackcastic is back with the usual fan chat, discussing some of the key results of the season thus far. We’re also coming with some brill interviews featuring our favourite athletes. On this episode:

  • The crew dissect the US champs and what the results may mean for Doha
  • Gabby gushes over a ‘Pozzi Patrol’ Meets ‘Decathletes of Europe’ mashup at the French nationals
  • Chris Brown brings us some great interviews from the Anniversary Games – Pozzi (the man even SOUNDS handsome), Beth Dobbin, Laviai Nielsen (“I ran my heart out, man”), Goldie Sayers and the one, the only SAFP share their stories.
  • We learn that Europe’s younger athletes have bags of promise and hear from the new European Under 23 Decathlon champion,  Niklas Kaul, about his momentous battle with Johannes Erm.
  • Oh, and javelin LEGEND Andreas Thorkildsen popped in to tell us all about heptathlete Ivona Dadic’s new approach.


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