Episode 10: Dry Stadium – A Euro Indoor Preview

Euro Indoors Preview

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We’ve reached double figures. If our podcast was a decathlon, this would be the (grueling, painful, potentially crap) 1500m! So, be warned.

On the show today:

  • We preview the European Indoor Championships. Note: Gabby will attend and aims to feedback vital behind the scenes information such as the name of Andrew Pozzi’s brand of cologne and the number of ciggies Venelina Veneva gets through in between jumps.
  • We also discuss recent indoor results from Birmingham & Sheffield
  • Before pondering if Usain Bolt’s Nitro Athletics was worth the watch.
  • You will also need to stay tuned for some tips on how to negotiate the ‘no alcohol’ rules in dry stadiums. You’re welcome.

Athleticos x


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